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    Cooking/fishing  Empty Cooking/fishing

    Post  james on Sat Oct 02, 2010 5:57 pm

    Fishing and Cooking Guide!
    For players new to Fishing and Cooking!

    First you will need to buy a small fishing net and a harpoon from the crafting shop at home [Rommik]. You can also get a Lobster pot (optional).

    Fishing supply prices.
    Small fishing net = 5 coins.
    Lobster pot = 20 coins. Says 23, but when you buy one it only cost 20 coins. (Optional).
    Harpoon = 5 coins.

    Once you have all your supplies go to the catherby teleport in the skill teleport tab.
    Take your small fishing net east to this location to start fishing.

    Fish Raw Shrimp here until you have 40 fishing. Should take three loads of 27 raw shrimp to be able to move on to using the harpoon.

    After every inventory of fish go to the range beside the bank and cook your fish for cooking experince! You will burn the odd fish.

    Now at 40 fishing use the harpoon beside where you catch raw shrimp. Now you will be fishing tuna. Evenutally after fishing raw tuna for awhile you will get the odd raw bass.

    When you get 62 fishing go back to the small fishing net and head east, go to the first fishing icon on your minimap, directly under it is where your will be able to catch raw monkfish.

    (Optional) Monkfish give more fishing experience then shark. Monkfish give highest fishing experience!
    Fish raw monkfish until 76 fishing. When you get 76 fishing move one more spot to the east and fish sharks!

    You can also fish manta rays at 81 fishing with the small fishing net at same place as sharks.


    Fish you can cook from worst experience to best.
    1. Shrimp.
    2. Tuna.
    3. Bass.
    4. Monkfish.
    5. Manta ray.
    6. Shark.

    After Cooking each batch of fish store them in your bank to use for battles, etc...
    Always cook on the range beside the bank in Catherby.
    Cooking is very fast and burns the odd 1-5 per inventory.
    Even at 99 Cooking you will burn the occasional fish.

    Hope my guide helped you and sorry for the shortage of cooking information, but its a very easy skill.
    If you have any question's about any of my guides just post a comment below, thanks again!

    More Guides Coming Soon!

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    Cooking/fishing  Empty Re: Cooking/fishing

    Post  shadowlove on Sat Oct 02, 2010 11:15 pm

    i like you james.. u are very helpfull to every1 and any1 who wants to lvl skills Smile keep up the good work!

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