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    Farming steps to 99 =]


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    Farming steps to 99 =]

    Post  james on Sat Oct 02, 2010 6:04 pm

    Farming and Herblore Guide!
    For players new to Farming and Herblore.

    First you will have to buy seeds from the Skills store (old crafting store)-(still Rommik).

    Type's of seeds:
    1. Guam Seed's.
    2. Marrentill Seed's.
    3. Tarromin Seed's.
    4. Harralander Seed's.
    5. Ranarr Seed's.
    6. Toadflax Seed's.
    7. Irit Seed's.
    8. Avantoe Seed's.
    9. Kwuarm Seed's.
    10. Snapdragon Seed's.
    11. Cadantine Seed's.
    12. Lantadyme Seed's.
    13. Dwarf Weed Seed's.
    14. Torstol Seed's.

    The number of seeds I would buy of each (Recommended).
    1. Guam = 5-10
    2. Marrentill = 5-10
    3. Tarromin = 10
    4. Harralander = 10-15
    5. Ranarr = 20
    6. Toadflax = 20
    7. Irit = 25-30
    8. Avantoe = 30
    9. Kwuarm = 35
    10. Snapdragon = 35-40
    11. Candantine = 40
    12. Lantadyme = 40-45
    13. Dwarf weed = 45-50
    14. Torstol = As many as it takes til 99 farming.

    Once done buying your seed's open up the skill teleport and teleport to Farming.

    Once at the farming teleport click on the guam seed and then click on the herb patch. The herb will then sprout up and you will be able to click on it to recieve herbs in your inventory. Remember to clean your herbs to gain herblore levels.
    Do the seeds in the order at the top, this will eventually get you 99 farming!


    Once you feel you have a good amount of herbs in your bank, make an Estimation of how many there are and then go buy that amount of water vials.

    Buy the water vials from the Shop keeper (General store) at home.

    How to do Herblore:
    First if you haven't already, clean your herbs starting with guam.

    After cleaning all your herbs withdraw 14 vials of water and 14 clean guam's from your bank. Or whatever clean herb you want to do. Guam's are recommended to start out with.

    Potion's made from mixing a water vial and (XHerb).
    1. Guam and Water vial = Attack potion(4)
    2. Marrentill and Water vial = Antipoison(4)
    3. Tarromin and Water vial = Strength potion(4)
    4. Harralander and Water vial = Restore potion(4)
    5. Ranarr and Water vial = Prayer potion(4)
    6. Toadflax and Water vial = Saradomin brew(4)
    7. Irit and Water vial = Super Attack potion(4)
    8. Avantoe and Water vial = Super Antipoison(4)
    9. Kwuarm and Water vial = Super Strength potion(4)
    10. Snapdragon and Water vial = Super Restore potion(4)
    11. Candantine and Water vial = Super Defence potion(4)
    12. Lantadyme and Water vial = AntiFire potion(4)
    13. Dwarf Weed and Water vial = Ranging potion(4)
    14. Torstol and Water vial = Zamorak brew(4)

    Herblore is a very easy skill but envolves patience, eventually you will get 99. These are all the potions and seeds.

    Hope you enjoyed my Farming and Herblore guide!
    More coming soon!

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    Re: Farming steps to 99 =]

    Post  shadowlove on Sat Oct 02, 2010 11:14 pm

    that will be very helpfull to players Smile)) ty.

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