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    shadowlove for admin.


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    shadowlove for admin. Empty shadowlove for admin.

    Post  shadowlove on Mon Sep 27, 2010 5:21 pm

    Alright.. well hello people my name is joe otherwise known as shadowlove on these forums and this client when its up to.. id like to try for a admin spot.. iv ben mod before but never a admin.. the latest server iv ben mod on is techscape which is a cool decent server but it has no challeng left therefor boring and not that many players.. makes it really borring.. i think id be good for this spot becaus i actually like to help others and can hold my temper so i wont caus scenes or anything... always help everysingle new player on techscape. you can contact me on msn at if you ever need me for anything.. im also easy to get along with Smile

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